Diane Keaton Plastic Surgery – Solution for Every Flaw

Diane Keaton Plastic Surgery – Solution for Every Flaw

Keaton began her career on stage and made screen debut in 1970, working in her first major role as Kay Adams-Corleone in The Godfather. The Godfather was an unparalleled critical and financial success, becoming the highest grossing film of the year and winning the Best Picture Oscar in 1972. Before that she shaped her early acting career by playing in Play it Again, Sam with director and co-star Woody Allen which earned her a nomination for a Tony Award. Keaton worked with Allen for several following films including Sleeper, Love and Death and Annie Hall. Her role in Annie Hall earned her several high appraisal awards, such as Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role, National Board of Review Awards for Best Supporting Actress, National Society of Film Critics Awards for Best Actress, New York Film Critics Circle Awards for Best Actress and BAFTA Awards for Best Actress. Two years after her role in The Godfather, she reprised her role as Kay Adams in The Godfather Part II, but her character’s importance was minimal.Some of her popular later films including Baby Boom, The First Wives Club, Something’s Gotta Give and The Family Stone.


Besides her successful acting career, Keaton is known as a director, producer, screenwriter, photographer, real estate developer, author, and occasional singer. She had a brief career as a recording artist in the 1970s by recording tracks for the solo album, but the finished record never materialized and released. In 1987 Keaton directed and edited her first feature film, a documentary titled Heaven which conveys the possibility of an afterlife. As a writer she has released two books, the first is her memoir entitled Then Again in 2011 and Let’s Just Say It Wasn’t Pretty in 2014.

The Lasted Greatness

The achievement that has been reached by Keaton is undoubtedly amazing, along with her wonderful look. Recently, the rumor about Diane Keaton plastic surgery (via isuwft) pulled up on the media headlines following the change of the artist’s appearance. People believe that currently, Keaton is in a battle against aging marks which can be seen from his photographs. Like many other people who in attempt to erase wrinkles and face lines, she decided to have Botox injection and facelift. The result of plastic surgery is clear, how her current face looks tighter and free from aging signs. In this case, the artist seems to succeed in getting what she wanted, because everything still looks normal and natural, without any signs of losing the natural beauty of Diane Keaton. Even she denies the rumor of plastic surgery; her current look is too obvious. The transformation of Diane Keaton cannot disguise that the artist had undergone Botox injections and facelift in order to maintain her youthfulness.


A Perfect Face is Hers

Besides her attempt to get rid of all the aging signs, looks like Keaton was not really happy with some parts of her face. People believe that she had done some works for her nose, cheeks, and chin to reshape them. Rhinoplasty is assumed to be one of the plastic surgery procedures, revealed by how her nose looks smaller and more pinched compared to before plastic surgery. Previously her bigger nose did not appear very well on her face, and Rhinoplasty seems to give her much benefit to the overall look. Her plastic surgery also seems to cover cheeks implant. She did this procedure to give her fresher look from rising and plump cheek to balance the softness of her facial skin. While for her chin, currently, she has slimmer chin which gives her more feminine look.

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