David Cassidy Battle against Wrinkles

David Cassidy Battle against Wrinkles

Born as David Bruce Cassidy on April 12, 1950, he is an actor, singer-songwriter, and guitarist. He gained popular recognition for his role as Keith Partridge in the 1970s musical/ sitcom The Partridge Family. During 1970s Cassidy became one of pop culture’s celebrated teen idols and enjoyed his successful pop career during the time. He began his career in Irvington, New York by seeking fame as an actor/ musician and moved out when his career began to develop. In 1969 Cassidy made his professional debut in the Broadway musical show, The Fig Leaves Are Falling and signed with Universal Studio. Later on, he was featured in episodes of the TV series Ironside, Marcus Welby, M.D., Adam-12, and Bonanza. In 1970 he took part to play the role of Keith Partridge in The Partridge Family series, along with his real stepmother. He was promoted to lead singer for the show’s recordings, and once I Think I Love You became a hit, he began work on solo albums. His single Cherish reached No. 9 in the US, No. 2 in the UK music chart and No. 1 in Australia and New Zealand.


He began tours that featured his own hits and successfully gained much popularity especially among teenagers; coining the term ‘Cassidymania’ for the mass media hysteria. In total, David Cassidy has recorded seven studio albums and one Christmas album with The Partridge Family. Additionally, he also has released six compilation albums which covered his greatest hits album and also song compilation of The Partridge Family. In 2007 Cassidy published a memoir entitled Could It Be Forever? My Story that describes his personal life and also featured on the January/ February 2013 cover of Making Music Magazine to discuss his private life and career.

Maintaining Public Euphoria

Many people have been amazed by the beauty of the actor; his gray eyes and delicate smile make them can’t stop looking at him. One of the most interesting stories beyond his beauty is the rumor about David Cassidy plastic surgery. The pictures of David Cassidy gradually appeared in the media, proving how the actor has been maintaining his youthful appearance with the help of makeup surgery. People notice that plastic surgery successfully erase all the aging signs from his amazing face.

Botox injection is believed to be one of the procedures of plastic surgery which conducted in order to get back the beauty of youthfulness. However many people claim that the comparison of before and after plastic surgery does not indicate the good result of makeup surgery. It is because the actor seems to lose his natural beauty and the procedure does not make the old appearance even better. The good result of Botox injection is given a natural look to the patient, but after plastic surgery how rigid facial expression and features and he looks frozen. By then we can say that his plastic surgery is one example of bad makeup surgery experience.


Nothing Worse than Botox Blotch

Another thing which makes people feel sorry about David Cassidy is the fact that the actor has to suffer from Botox blotch which appears on his left eye. Before plastic surgery, he had beautiful gray eyes that stunned his fans, but the false plastic surgery procedure has changed them. His current eyes look imbalance as the side effect of misconducted Botox injection that seems to be inserted around his eyes to erase crow lines and wrinkles in those areas. The solution that supposed to enhance his natural beauty even giving him bad condition compare to before plastic surgery. And we never know whether Cassidy mania still loves him with his current look after plastic surgery.

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