Christina Hendricks, The Undeniable Beauty

Christina Hendricks, The Undeniable Beauty

Christina Hendricks gained much popularity and received many critical acclaims for her role as Joan Harris in the AMC television series Mad Men. Premiered in 2007, the American period drama television series consists of 14 episodes and has received widespread acclaim for its historical authenticity, visual style, costume design, acting writing, and directing. Hendricks has been nominated for five Emmy Awards for her work on Mad Men under the category Outstanding Supporting Actress. Previously she began acting in children’s musical theater productions and became a model from the ages of 18 to 27. In her early career years, Hendricks also made several guest television appearances, starting as a regular in the series Beggars and Choosers. He made her debut in film acting by playing as Audrey Drummond in the 2002 television film The Big Time. In 2011 she filled the voice of Lois Lane or Superwoman in the direct-to-DVD version of All-Star Superman.

Most recently she made her appearance in Lost River, The Pirate Fairy, God’s Pocket and Dark Places in 2014. She also starred in The Ghost Inside by Broken Bells and Everclear’sOne Hit Wonder. Besides her appraised acting talent and performance, Hendricks has been credited as having an ideal shape for a woman. Some notable figures praised the actress’ hourglass figure as an ideal shape for women, and her portrayal of Joan has revolutionized perceptions of beauty on TV. She has even called as the new modern ideal of Hollywood glamour with full figured and voluptuous features. However, the actress has moved away from accepting the praise by saying that the media is too focused on women’s bodies but not their talents.


Boob Job Helped The Actress

Besides her appraised acting talent, Hendricks is known for her physical appearance which claimed to be an ideal figure for a woman. The significant change that can be clearly seen from Christina Hendricks photographs is the size of her breasts. The headline about her plastic surgery filled up the Hollywood entertainment media besides the fact that her perfect body being praised publicly.

Christina Hendricks, especially in 1999 when she just began her modeling career, Hendricks had less attractive breast with skinny body figure. Then as her name went prominent, plastic surgery seemed to take place to correct her flaw. After plastic surgery, she has fuller, rounder and of course bigger breasts; which make her deserve all the praises. People notice the significant change of Christina Hendricks during her appearance on the red carpet of 2010 Emmy Awards. The development of her breasts is too unnatural and strengthening the assumption of plastic surgery. The result of the procedure seems to give her much benefit as her fame increased gradually and she looks more charming and attractive with her current breasts.


Just Go Ahead

Hendricks had been silent for a couple of weeks in responding the rumor of plastic surgery. Although the photographs of Christina Hendricks accessed publicly from the Internet, the actress had decided to cover up the truth. However, recently the actress finally admitted to the media that her current breasts are the result of plastic surgery. She told publicly that the rumor is actually a fact and she had gone under the knife to correct the lack of her breast size. Good luck for her, people still adore her after the confession, and the actress looks more confident compared to Christina Hendricks before plastic surgery. It seems that the actress will never regret her decision to go under the knife, since she gets everything she wanted to have and praises will never stop coming to her.

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