Cheri Oteri Look Amazing at the Age of 50

Cheri Oteri Look Amazing at the Age of 50

Cheri Oteri is an American comic actress who is best known for her roles as a cast member on the late-night live television sketch comedy show, Saturday Night Live from 1995 to 2000. At the age of 28, Oteri moved to Los Angeles and worked at A&M Records for four years. During the time she also joined a comedy troupe called The Groundlings, which became her jumping stone in an entertainment career. In 1995, the producers of Saturday Night Life watched the comedy troupe’s performance with the aim to audition the group. Oteri was invited to audition for the show, along with the fellow Groundling, Following the audition, Oteri was hired as a repertory performer in 1995 as part of an almost entirely new cast. There are several roles that Oteri has played during her work on Saturday Night Live, including original characters and celebrity impressions. With her fellow Groundling, Will Ferrell, she played as Arianna, a member of the Spartan Cheerleaders and as Cass Van Rye, the dim-witted co-host of the Morning Latte talk show.


Besides her career as a comedian, Oteri is also known for her role in several Hollywood movies including Scary Movie, Inspector Gadget, Liar Liar, Dumb, and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd, Shrek the Third and Southland Tales. Her most recent movie role was as Penny in Grown Ups 2 and playing as Sister Dymphna in the 2014 film Wishing and Hoping. She has also made some guest appearances on television shows, such as Just Shoot Me!, Strangers with Candy and Curb Your Enthusiasm. She was appointed to be the regular voice cast in the Fox animated comedy series Sit Down, Shut Up in 2009.

Perfect Result

Oteri is a beautiful comedian who always makes people giggle with her celebrity impression performance in Saturday Night Life. On the other hand, people also wonder how she is able to maintain her youthful look, and the rumor of Cheri Oteri plastic surgery pulled up to the Hollywood entertainment media headlines. Some people try to examine the changes in Oteri’s appearance from the photographs and videos that reveal plastic surgery. The first significant thing is how she battles against aging marks that normally appeared at the age of fifty. The free-wrinkled face of the actress indicates that her current look is the result of plastic surgery following several procedures including Botox injection and eyelid surgery. The injection successfully erases all the aging signs on her forehead and around her mouth, while eyelid surgery gives the look of bigger and fresher appearance. Compare to before plastic surgery; she even looks much younger as she grows old with the perfect result of eyelid surgery. Everyone agrees that the comedian gains many benefits from the plastic surgery procedure as the natural beauty of Cheri Oteri is even enhanced by the help of the professional surgeon.


Better Facial Features

Besides her attempt to maintain the beauty of youthfulness, Cheri Oteri also indicates that she had gone under the knife to have better facial features including nose and chin. Before plastic surgery, she had wider nose bridge, can be seen in her early years in an acting career, while her chin failed to give her a feminine look with wide surface. It seems to be a problem for Oteri, and make up surgery is the best solution she can have to correct the flaws. Cheri Oteri photographs reveal the successful result of Rhinoplasty and chin implant procedures, giving her slimmer nose bridge and more pinched chin. The result of plastic surgery is undoubtedly enhancing her natural beauty and she is a success in maintaining it until her age of 50.

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